Social responsibility
Our strategy for sustainable development aims to develop the socio-economic system in general and the improvement of quality of life due to the efficiency of the production processes of companies within the group. Over the years, Tashir confidently laid the foundation of their activities and improve allbusiness processes with the promotion of social development, and economic growth of the Russian regions. In our daily work, we focus on the highest standards and maximum results with regard to their impact on the world around us. We are confident that this approach enhances the effectiveness, retain market leadership and steady development of the entire Tashir Group for years to come.The basis of all actions Tashir is a careful consistent approach, taking into account the balance between self-interest and the public interest. Sustainable development for us - it is a basic value which allows to combine a successful business with the priorities of social and national development. As a company of federal level and a leader in many sectors of the Russian economy, we are aware of the responsibility for our actions in the cities of our presence and now it is already a solid foundation of stability and prosperity of the country.
All our actions today shape the face of tomorrow, which will live the next generation
of activity

Charity Projects

Since the founding Tashir Group pays great attention to charitable activities. We believe that we can have a positive impact on the lives of people in the regions where it operates. Charitable Foundation Tashir, created in 1999, implements dozens of projects in the field of sport, health, education and the arts; preservation and restoration of historical heritage and urban redevelopment for the prosperity of Russia and Armenia.

With the help of the Foundation, we solve many problems that can improve the quality of life, improve the infrastructure of modern cities, aim to support social initiatives and, eventually - to make the world better for everyone.