Samvel Karapetyan
President Tashir Group of Companies

Samvel Karapetyan is the founder and President of Tashir Group, President of the charity foundation Tashir, Doctor of Economics, philanthropist. In 1999 he founded a company that in a space of a decade developed into one of Russia's largest and most diversified holdings of federal significance. It now employs about 45,000 workers in some 200 subsidiaries, leaders in various sectors of the Russian economy and beyond.


Currently, Tashir is recognised as a company that is unique in Russia. Through its long and challenging journey, Tashir has established a large and diversified structure of hundreds of fast-growth companies represented across a wide range of economic sectors.

Our success was born from a strategy to constantly move forward from the moment of our founding, to discover new opportunities for further development across various sectors. Most importantly, we have managed to maintain consistency in our business approaches, despite external complications and macroeconomic challenges.

Secondly, the key to Tashir’s success lies in our reliance on our own stable production, technical, financial, and management base. Within 15 years of business, we have managed to create a unique sustainable structure: the high quality of hundreds of projects implemented in different areas of our business acts as the proof of the ability of our structure.

We have always held the belief that to ensure our success tomorrow, we need to lay the cornerstones today. Presently, as in the past, our strategy is to implement large-scale projects, and we would be unable to achieve our goals without our reliable team. Our people are our main asset.

All the achievements across our diverse business are thanks to our close-knit team. Day after day, our enthusiastic and determined professionals put even the boldest ideas into practice.

We are proud of our achievements and confident in our potential for further improvement. Today we lay the foundations of tomorrow’s success. Tashir Group is open to the future and resolute in playing a leading role in our country’s economic development.

We intend to retain this momentum. We foresee and determine future development trajectories in the areas of construction, development and energy, whilst initiating further business opportunities within new arenas.

Real success can only be achieved if the conditions necessary are not sought out but created, and by acting on and persistently moving towards the goals set, challenges can be turned into opportunities.

Samvel Karapetyan
President Tashir Group of Companies